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Full Home Inspections

We ensure all contracts for any rental equipment are assessed to find the best possible way to revoke the contract involved with the purchase plan.


We’ve helped many customers who were unhappy with their initial contract agreement. These customers saved thousands in payments to companies taking advantage of homeowners.

Full Service Consulting

We will consult you on every step of the journey. Our firnedly staff has years of experience with contracts. We offer consultation for any contract to provide you with the best possible return, for a fee that is exponentially lower than the contract obligation.

Customer Benefits

We are confident in our ability to make you a happy home-owner again. Our success rate is very high amongst our competitors.

Across Ontario Service

Having helped many customers in the region alone, we are currently Ontario wide. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution to your contract obligation and get you out of any invasive contract, no matter where you’re located.